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Parenting can be difficult. Becoming and being  a parent is like going through a complete transformation of who
you are and what you always believed to be true about yourself and the world you live in. At times, in the course
of becoming and being a parent, you may lose track of who you are and your own needs. 


Though parenting can be difficult, it does not have to be and you do not need to negate your own needs in order to continue to parent your child(ren). 

Do you find parenting challenging? Do you find yourself questioning whether you are doing a good job at being a parent? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with all the work associated with being a parent? Do you feel that you are slowly losing who you are as a woman while parenting your child(ren).

How I treat parenting and personal issues:

I can help with parenting and personal issues that parenting brings up. With me, you'll learn to identify and explore the thoughts and feelings that comes with parenting. You and I will also dive deeper and find out the underlying causes of the parenting issues that you are experiencing so that you can heal from it and continue to enjoy your life again.

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