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Wellness and Self-Care

Building Mental and Emotional Resilience At Work

Who should attend?

Employees of all levels. This 2 hour Wellness and Self-Care workshop will help participants understand fully how to take care of themselves emotionally and mentally while at work. I will use various strategies, techniques and tools including case scenario experiences, personal self reflection, meditation, journaling, group discussions and practical activities to support participants in building skills to thrive at work.
Participants will be provided the opportunity to identify and evaluate their current wellness and self care strategies, and through supportive activities create their own personalized Wellness and Self-Care Plan.

What will employees learn?

  • Gain a fuller understanding of what Wellness and Self care practices are

  • Evaluate their current coping and resilience strategies and identify areas for improvements

  • How to develop a personalized Wellness and Self-Care plan

  • How to build a social support network both at work and in personal life

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