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Lunch & Learn

Managing Uncertainty & Stress during Covid-19

Who should attend?

All employees within the corporation. This 2 hour virtual workshop is designed to address the uncertainty and anxiety employees experience as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. I will explain the reason employees feel uncertain and anxious in these times. The purpose of this workshop is to help staff identity their own triggers, responses to the impact that Covid-19 is having on their mental health at work as well as develop new coping and resiliency strategies and techniques to manage more effectively.

What will employees learn?

  • They will gain a better understanding of how their experiences of uncertainty and stress is related the Covid-19 pandemic. 

  • They will learn about the connection between what they think, feel and do and how that affects their mental health and state of being. 

  • They will identify their own triggers related to their mental health & wellness and other risks.

  • Gain three new tools to better manage their experiences of uncertainty and stressors.

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