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The Counselling Process

Nada Johnson Consulting and Counselling Services offers virtual treatment for individuals in Ontario that follows a clear progression towards reaching your goals

Below is an example of how the counselling process works. The ultimate goal is for you to be empowered and in charge of your own life.

Step 1:

The Consult

You let me know what you want out of counselling. I will outline my approach and answer your questions.

Step 2:

You and I will review the counselling forms that you completed prior to attending the session. You will also set goals with me and start working towards those goals.

The First Session

Step 3:

Symptom Identification and management

You will learn skills for identifying and managing the symptoms you are experiencing. Life will start to look better and you prepare for your next counselling session. 

Step 4:


I will support you in addressing the deeper issues under the problems that you are experiencing. You will notice that your symptoms will continue to improve as you deal with the reasons they were there in the beginning. 

Step 5:


I will support you as you address present day challenges and future concerns. Once that is completed you are done and can move on to thrive in your life!

* This is a sample of the counselling process. Each client is different and results vary.

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