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Virtual Counselling FAQ'S

How do I prepare for a virtual counselling appointment?

  • ​Use headphones with a microphone. Better sound quality. 

  • Choose a place in your home where you have privacy, can speak openly and feel comfortable. 

  • Plug in your laptop or computer. 

  • Gather any items you would want to have on hand before your session (water, tea/coffee, tissues).

  • Schedule some free time after your session as counselling can bring up a lot of emotions and thoughts, sometimes in ways you didn't expect. 

Is virtual counselling secure and confidential?

  • I use a telehealth platform (Jane.App) designed for virtual health services, including counselling. There is no electronic platform that can guarantee 100% security, but telehealth platforms meet the highest standards of encryption and all of Jane.App servers are located in Canada.

I'm uncertain about virtual counselling. Can I try it?

  • I offer a complimentary 10-minute phone consultation. Around 99 % of my clients have said that virtual counselling feels comfortable and have decided to continue working together. 

  • MSW: Master of Social Work. In Ontario, MSW is the most common designation of therapists - and it's also the most commonly covered by benefits.

  • I charge the following for counselling:

    • Mental Health; Sexual Violence Consulting: Please email me for more

    • Presentation Seminars: Please email me for more information

    • Guest/Keynote Speaking: Please email me for more information 

  • Parent Coaching: Please email me for more information 

  • Individual Counselling: Please email me for more information 

  • If you're covered by benefits, there's a good chance you're covered to see me. Check your benefits package for coverage to see an MSW, RSW, or RP.

What do your credentials mean?

How much does counselling cost?

Still have questions?

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