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Self-Esteem Therapy in Ontario

How you feel about yourself and your abilities determines how far you will go in your life. Experiencing low self-esteem issues can make you feel stuck and you become unsure of how to move forward. Sometimes, low self-esteem issues can make you devalue yourself, your ideas and any progress that you have tried to make your life better and ultimately feel better about yourself. 

Experiencing low self esteem issues can look differently for everyone. How you experience low self-esteem issues in your life may not be the same way others experience low self-esteem issues in their lives. Do you find yourself judging yourself harshly? Do you find yourself wishing that you could feel good about yourself? Do you find yourself blaming yourself whenever you make mistakes? Do you find yourself not speaking up in situations where you could have spoken up?

How I treat Low Self-Esteem Issues:

Counselling and psychotherapy  can help with low-self esteem symptoms. In therapy with me, you'll learn to identify and explore the feelings that experiencing low self-esteem brings up. You will also learn how to manage on a day to day basis feelings and experiences of low self worth. We will also dive deeper and find out the underlying causes of  the low self-worth  that you are experiencing and heal from it.

If you would like support and are committed to working on the low self-esteem symptoms that you are experiencing, call me at 437.887.6146 or email to set up an appointment.

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