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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Therapy in Ontario

Experiencing sexual assault can make you feel violated and alone. It can affect every area of your life and makes
you feel that someone has taken over your life and your body that has no business doing that. The aftermath of experiencing sexual assault can be emotionally hard to manage and can make you believe that it is your fault
that the assault happen. Let's be clear. It was and never will be your fault! 

The aftermath of having experienced sexual assault is experienced differently by survivors.  Do you feel emotionally, physically and mentally violated as a result of the sexual assault you experienced? Do you experience re-traumatization because of the sexual assault that you experienced? Do you want help in navigating the emotions and triggers that may come up post the assault?

How Nada treats Sexual Violence:

Counselling can help with post-sexual assault related symptoms. With Nada, you'll learn to identify and know what the different feelings that you are experiencing are and how to navigate those feelings and emotions. You and Nada will work collaboratively to come up with strategies and tools including the creation of a healing plan to help you heal and grow from any re-traumatization and triggers that you may experience. The ultimate goal is to help you heal so that you can enjoy your life and feel whole again. 

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