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Racial Trauma Training in the Workplace

Racial Trauma is Race-Based Stress that Black and Racialized (Non-White) individuals experience due to racial discrimination both in the workplace and in society at large.

Racial Trauma occurs due to racial discrimination, whether the racial discrimination is overt or covert in the workplace and daily life. 

Racial Trauma adversely affects Non-White employees that experience racial discrimination. Racialized, including Black Employees, are often left with limited to no tools on how to deal with racism as it occurs at work or how to navigate the healing process as they experience race-based stress.

At Nada Johnson Consulting & Counselling Services I provide Racial Trauma Employees Wellness Training Series to the following two groups in the workplace:


  • I provide training to Management & Senior Leadership to better understand what Racial Trauma is, how it manifests in the lives of staff and colleagues that are Non-White as well as provide strategies and tools that they can use from a Racial Equity Leadership lens to minimize the traumatization or re-traumatization of their colleagues that are Non-White

  • I provide training to all staff in understanding more about Racial trauma as well as provide Racialized and Black staff with Thrive and Resilience Tools that can be useful to assist colleagues in minimizing the effects of Racial Trauma on their lives both at work and in their daily lives. 


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