Racial Trauma

Racial Trauma Therapy in Ontario

Racial Trauma is the trauma that you experience as a result of ongoing individual, communal and systemic racism, racial bias, and exposure to racist actions, behaviors and thoughts in your life and environment. Racial trauma can affect almost every area of your life including your ability to feel confident and good about yourself, concentrate on work or school, develop and maintain sustainable relationships and feeling safe.

Racial Trauma can look differently for everyone. Do you feel that you are judged and stigmatized because of the color of your skin? Do you feel that you are judged because of assumptions about people from your background? Do you have lived experience of racism? Have you experienced racism at work or in your daily life?

How Nada treats Racial Trauma:

Counselling can help with Racial Trauma related symptoms. With Nada, you'll learn to identify and explore the feelings, thoughts and effects that Racial Trauma brings up. You will  learn how to manage on a day to day basis any negative experiences and exposure to racism and discrimination. You and Nada will also dive deeper and find out the underlying causes of the racism and racial bias that you experience and heal them.