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Return to Work

Mental Wellness Matters at Work

Who should attend?

Ceo's, Directors, Supervisors and Managers. Mental health leads employees to being absent from work. When this occurs, specific skill and tools can be used to keep employees engaged and support them in getting healthy including a safe return to work as well as help to assist employers in meeting their responsibilities for accommodation.

The key to mental health is that everyone in your workplace needs to feel empowered to contribute to a healthy, equitable and safe workplace for everyone. The workshop series below are designed to help empower and engage all staff in your workplace by providing them with the tools and skills needed to collaboratively work together in improving the outcome of mental health leave. The workshops below are tailored to your workplace and can be applied within any industry and field.

Workshop 1: Mental Health RTW 

A half day workshop for all employees of an organization. This interactive workshop will help to reduce stigma and facilitate supportive care, compassion and collaboration around mental health absences. This workshop uses interactive activities and small group discussions to create a equitable and safe environment to introduce mental health and return to work concepts and support employees in learning how to assist fellow colleagues through work leaves and RTW. This workshop will help employees learn more about the importance of building supportive and integrated networks at work.

What will you learn?

  • Understand more fully the meaning of mental health, how mental health affects work and the importance of building a supportive workplace network when mental health challenges arise

  • 3 reasons will be provided on the importance of a supportive mental health approach

  • Healthy boundaries surrounding employee privacy will be discussed including knowing how to appropriately support colleagues through various mental health challenges

  • Explore and identify the various stakeholder needs regarding mental health RTW and how to respond in accordance to each stakeholders needs

Who should attend this Workshop?

Employees including employers whose workplace have experienced mental health absence and want to have an appropriate conversation regarding this very important topic. Nada will guide your employees of all levels and in all departments to better understand mental health and of support to each other. 

Workshop 2: Mental Health Accommodation When Returning To Work

A half day or full day workshop training for employees of all levels. This workshop provides a comprehensive understanding regarding mental health accommodation in the workplace. Participants will learn about various mental health workplace needs, a equitable solution focused problem solving process and be provided with the opportunity to solve an accommodation case scenario in their place of employment. This workshop provides useful tools that participants can use post workshop in their place of employment. 

What will you learn?

  • Learn about your responsibilities to accommodate for employees mental health

  • I will provide 4 examples of mental health accommodations that are successful and provide reasons as to why they are successful

  • Assist employers in learning the various roles and responsibilities in the accommodation process and provide strategies on how they can meet those responsibilities.

Who should attend this Workshop?

  • Supervisors

  • HR

  • OHS staff

Workshop 3: Mental Health Return to Work Training

A half day workshop or a full day workshop for Supervisors, Managers and HR. Supervisors at work are key stakeholders for employees successful return to work programs. This workshop with assist supervisors to work in partnership with Human Resources/Occupational Health and Safety staff in order to best manage employee mental health related absences and RTW. This workshop training will use a few scenario based experiences including interactive and reflective activities to provide practical but relevant strategies and a methodological approach to developing RTW plans for employees. 

What will you learn?

  • You will be provided with tools to evaluate your internal RTW processes in comparison to best practices

  • You will be provided with tools on how to build trust with employees, management and other stakeholder representatives

  • Strategically develop and facilitate a RTW meeting

  • Develop customized communication tools such as letters to health specialists and relevant  communication scripts for employees.

Who should attend this Workshop?

  • Return to Work Coordinators

  • Human resource staff, case managers

  • Management

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