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Coping Skills

Coping Skills Therapy in Ontario

Life prevents unique challenges our way. Sometimes we feel defeated as a result of the issues that we are experiencing in our life. Sometimes we feel small and other times we wan to give up because we are not sure what else to do or how to move from the obstacles that we are experiencing. Not knowhSelf-defeating behaviors can make you feel stuck. It can make you wonder why you are the way you are and why you can’t change. Self-defeating behaviors affect every aspects of your life and make you feel that you are no longer in charge of your life.


Self-defeating behaviors looks differently for everyone. What is considered self-defeating behaviors may not be the same for others. Do you find yourself criticizing yourself over mistakes? Do you find always needing to be right and it ruins your friendships and relationships with others? Do you find yourself blaming others and not owing taking responsibility for your actions?

How Nada provides you with coping skills: 

Counselling and psychotherapy  can help with Self-defeating behaviors symptoms. At Nada Johnson Consulting and Counselling Services you'll learn to identity and explore the feelings that self-defeating behaviors brings up. You will also learn how to manage on a day to day basis feelings and experiences of self-defeating behaviors. We will also dive deeper and find out the underlying causes of the self-defeating behaviors that you are experiencing and heal from it.

If you would like support and are committed to working on the Self-defeating behaviors that you are experiencing, call us at 437.703.3495 or email to set up an appointment.

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